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bullet12/01/2003: I have been experimenting with stacking my teleconverters while out shooting birds on Carmel State Beach recently.  With the Canon 1.4X TC II and the 2.0X TC II you can just connect them together without a short extension tube.  While is setup is very impressive in overall length with my 500, I have found that the images are MUCH softer than with a single TC or no TC at all.  As I've read on the web, there are people that can get good images from this kind of setup, but it takes perfect long lens techniques and maybe about 1 out 10 images will be relatively sharp.  By the way, I attach the 2X to the lens and the 1.4X to the body, the camera records this setup as a 1000mm lens at F11.  I also experimented by stopping down to see if that would help, but the results are inconclusive.  Will have to try experimenting with fixed targets one of these days.