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UpHere are several of my favorite sites on the Internet.  I find that I can "google" for just about any information that I need.  I've picked up a lot of information from a variety of sites (as well as a lot of useless information).  I recommend that you search the web often for advice, particularly in the photography forums where there are a lot of helpful people.


bulletPro Shooters : Home of DigitalPro, the best digital image management tool
bulletNikon Digital : Excellent resource on digital photography
bulletCardinal Photo : Dave Cardinal's excellent web site
bulletWildlife Research : Moose Peterson's wildlife photography site
bulletBirds As Art : Art Morris' photography site
bulletDPReview : Great digital photography information, latest news


bulletAdorama: have had good experiences buying camera gear from them.
bulletMy Digital Discount: good source for compact flash cards
bulletRoberts: got my D60 from them when they were hard to get